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house of possibilities

prison + community center hybrid

House of Possibilities is a prison and a community center hybrid where conventional meaning of a prison is left,and a new institution is founded. Prisoner's are encouraged to have communication with the outside world/the public, and the people can work/volunteer while collaborating with prisoners for their terms of education. Inmates first have to work and then learn or teach and be successful at their courses. Prison should be in the center of the city where people can come and visit, meet the inmates and prepare them for their return as the inmates bond with each other and the visitor's from public life. House of Possibilities help keeping human contact with inmates so that they can choose a better life, live for kindness and change.


year 4th year, spring 2016  I  graduation project

tutors  tansel korkmaz, alişan çırakoğlu

competition  archiprix 2016 national competition

3rd prize

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