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u-topic time

alternative futures

U-Topic Time workshop was conducted as part of the Vernal Workshops at Istanbul Bilgi University and aimed to create a spatial and temporal framework as a discursive territory of ideas. The workshop considered what could be imagined as ‘the architecture of utopia’. ‘Performing Utopia’, ‘Archipelago’, ‘Galata Bridge + -x ÷’  and ‘Scripting Space’ were four exercises that introduced the concept of utopia, exploration of its space of co existence of multiple differences, contestation,negotiation and collaboration.While questioning the present we imagined alternative futures and the architecture that supports these futures, its social and built structures, territories, codes and laws .At the end of the workshop, Utopian Talk-Show was held with the collaboration of architects, designers, academics and artists and utopic space and time was co-produced.   

year 2nd year, 2014

workshop Vernal Workshops,, Istanbul Bilgi University

tutors Sopphie Warren, Jonathan Mosley

Cansu Cürgen , Avşar Gürpınar


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