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box of experience

Instacube   is   a   box   of   experience,       designed with influence of the geometric formation found in Cappadocian underground cities and landscapes. A 3D Voronoi skeleton formed with Grasshopper defined the volume of the void to be subtracted. Body experiences the physical being of the branches as the eye experiences the geometry the light illuminates at that moment. Observer can react with solid/void dual with variable body movements as climbing, leaning or crawling and take photos from the position gained inside. As the time passes, photos taken will be different.

year  Spring 2013, 1st year

team Ege Acar, Seda Öznal, Özgüç Bertuğ Çapunaman, Nazlı Pekdemir, Adnan Faysal Altunbozar


Istanbul Bilgi University

1st Prize

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