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urban patch

a floating street


Urban Patch, the floating street is formed by the citizens of Istanbul in 2035. Since the government in Turkey began to destroy unique urban formation by turning them into concrete plain voids as a show and a tribute to their dictatorship, Taksim district in Beyoğlu turned into ruins with no proof of life around late 2010s. The center of arts, cultural life and events, the hub for intellectual life has changed into rubble. But then, a collaborative process of slightly illegal and invasive movement began. People created Istiklal Street again above the ground, while preventing the police forces. The urban patch became a street built up for the need to have a cultural life that is unique and crucial for Istanbul back. It is the invasion of rubble Beyoğlu by the people to turn the district to its earlier state. It is a spontaneously created floating street. It is a resistance.

year 2013

competition Ytong Speculative Ideas

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